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Why Do Some Women Gain Weight Around Menopause? Here Is The Truth They Wish You Don’t!

Do you normally get extra pounds of weight during menopause but have no idea why? Do you want to lose weight but think it is your hormones that standing before you and your dream body?

Those questions are something almost every woman struggle with, especially during menopause.

If you are among those having the same issue, we are here to help. We will show exactly why this is happening to you.

This article is all you need to get everything you want to know about why you gain weight during menopause.

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To begin with, let’s first clarify,

What Really Is Menopause?

Menopause is a normal period in the life of any woman. Menopause is a term used to describe those hormonal changes a woman goes through as she ages.

And now off to our primary question,

Why Some Women Gain Weight During Menopause?

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It is a normal and biological thing for ladies to get extra weight as they age. But that’s not something you should take as an excuse to let go of your health altogether.

As for menopause weight gain, that’s something you can definitely take care of and reverse. The problem many women fall prey to is that when menopause hit them, they just give up and screw up their eating habits. That’s what causes the weight gain, not menopause in itself.

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