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The Complete A To Z Military Diet Guide: Get To Know The Truth Behind The 3 Day Diet!

Do you want to shed weight in as soon as 10 days? Have you been looking for the military diet but still haven’t come across a satisfying answer? Or maybe you still have some doubts whether this diet works or not?

I know you have been asking the question above many times. I was as well. To be honest, the military diet has made a hit in the diet industry. So, I think it is very normal to ask such questions.


In this compact article, I amassed all you need to know about the military diet to get into it asap.

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What Is The Military Diet?

The military diet is a little tricky. If you try to demystify what it really is, based on its name, you will go astray.

The military diet has nothing to do with either navy, the army or anyone else in between that has something to do with the word military.

It is simply a diet system that has no affiliation with the US military. It is far from the diet the military follows.

The military diet has other names other than this one. Some people call it the ice cream diet. Others call it the three day diet. But generally known for the military and the three day diet.

Put simply, the military diet is a seven day diet system. It is divided into two major phases or parts. Each of these two parts has a calorie deficit that you don’t have to cross if you want to reap the benefits of this diet.

The first three days, you are allowed to eat only 1,000 calories. Nothing more.

And in the four remaining days of the week, the calorie intake you are allowed to have is a little increased. You can consume up to 1800 calories.

Following the military diet, you have no right to eat in between the meals. So, forget about the snacks. You are allowed to get all the 1000 calories from the the three main meal; breakfast, luc and dinner.

As for the remaining days, you go for exactly the same way of eating; except the number of calories changes to up to 1400, as we said before.

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